New Programs!

H3 MINI ACADEMY: Our Mini Academy introduces youngsters to soccer in a fun and learning environment. Designed for girls and boys, ages 4-8, Mini Academy sessions will be held at 4:30-5:30 PM Tuesdays & Thursdays, begins September 8th and runs through November 12. Cost: $85 one night a week or $160 for two sessions a week, per child. Click for more information.

H3 ADULT SOCCER TOURNAMENT: Wednesday, September 16 – This is a prelude to our H3 Adult Soccer Leagues (see below). Limited to 12 teams, guaranteed 4 games per team. Games will be 30 minutes long. Team make-up: 5 outfield players and a keeper + maximum of 4 subs. Cost: $150 per team (includes a team tee shirt) >>REGISTER YOUR TEAM

H3 CO-ED ADULT SOCCER LEAGUES: H3 adult soccer offers good competitive soccer in a fun and professional environment! Indoor soccer on outside fields, no rebound boards but plenty of high speed moves! Beginning late September, this 10-week league Cost: $500 per team. >>REGISTER YOUR TEAM

H3 STREET SOCCER 3 V 3 TOURNAMENT: One-Day Event, December 29th – For U9 – U15 Boys & Girls teams. 3v3 soccer is a great way for players to compete in a non-coached environment. Players are free to express themselves, make their own decisions and generally demonstrate what they know about the world’s greatest game. Players will design their own tactics, substitutions, formations along with selecting their own teammates. Street soccer at its very best! Cost: $50 per team. Registration and more information to come.

Fall Practice Schedule

fall practice sced

Update: Fall Practice

KSA parents and players,

The first session for the Fall will be TUESDAY 28th JULY (Monday the 27th will be a staff induction night).

With the growth of KSA we are going to have to utilize Wednesday evenings in order to maintain good area sizes for all teams. Therefore some teams will have to work Wednesday evenings thru the fall. We will ensure that this changes for these teams during the winter and spring months.

Also, starting in September, (Wednesday and Friday nights) will see the introduction of Rangers technical camps. We are working with Rangers on the specific syllabus with details being circulated in August. Any player who has taken the yearly payment plan can attend these camps free of charge. All other players will have to pay the $100 to participate. These camps will be available to players outside of KSA and will be limited in numbers. Specific details and content will be put onto the website by 15th of August.

Finally, KSA will be using a team/club based communication tool called “Teamsnap”. It’s an app that can be used on a mobile devise or on a PC. This system is an excellent way for KSA to communicate directly with individual teams and as a club. Your team managers will be contact you all very soon with the details and we want to thank Melissa Whittley for introducing us to this system. The system will notify you of: new events, games, training sessions, locations etc and is very easy to set up. Please act quickly when your team manager reaches out to you as it will help you keep up to speed with what is happening for your team.

We look forward to seeing everyone on the 28th.


Season Welcome!

KSA would like to welcome all new players and parents who are joining us for the 2015/16 season and welcome back, all returning families! We really look forward to a very busy and exciting season where players come to JLTA to improve their skills!

By now, all players should have returned their paperwork (commitment letter, medical info etc) and completed their payment sheets that sets out their chosen payment plan. Also, players should have ordered their new kit from soccer post consisting of a minimum: two match kits (hooped shirt, red shirt, blue shorts and blue socks) and two practice uniforms!

We made the decision as a club to become a Rangers partner club and this was part of that deal, that we would represent Rangers by using their brand. All of the other practice kit of: sweatshirt, rain jacket, training pants will be needed for the fall.

(The only exception to the training kit, is for the u18 boys who will only need match kit,) we understand that they are preparing for college and this is an added cost that they not need have, at this stage.

Some KSA teams have signed up for the 3v3 event taking place at JLTA on July 11th run by the “world futbol tour” company and their is still time to get your team registered. Those who are interested should register immediately in order to play. You only need 4 players (don’t have to be KSA players) and it’s a great way to get some touches in before we start back!!!

July 10th will have KSA sending out the fall practice schedule that will begin on Monday July 26th. We will be running 11 teams this fall and that may increase to 12 by the start date. All home games will be at JLTA and all practice sessions too.

KSA has been approached by Emerald Youth Sports to participate in their newly formed youth leagues for younger teams, this will encourage more local games and KSA is offering its facility to the Force to help provide a comprehensive local games program for teams 13 and under. All of our older teams 13+ will enter state league events to support our games program!

It is always important to remember that KSA prides itself on its training programs and our coaching curriculum. We are still looking for a coach to work part time and hope to announce a new coach very soon.

We want to thank all of the girls that participated in the USL Super 20 program, the girls will hear shortly if they are to attend the national finals down in Florida at IMG. The season was a challenge but a trip to IMG would be a great way to finish the summer!

Congrats to all of our 3v3 teams who competed in Nashville. We had a good showing with a few teams making the semi finals and a couple making the finals. KSA u13/14 girls where crowned champions so a big we’ll done to them!

Finally, we hope that everyone is enjoying their summer break and are looking forward to getting back to the soccer field soon. Happy 4th of July!


Coach Needed

KSA is looking for a qualified coach to join our staff. The coach must possess a current license to enable them to work within the Tennessee State Soccer Association (minimum d license). With the introduction of new teams into our structure, we are seeking an open minded qualified coach to support the work we do of creating a seamless coaching philosophy across the age ranges. Anyone who is interested should contact Derek Broadley at by sending a soccer resume. Start date will be July 27th and people should note this is a part time role!

Season Update

At KSA we have just completed our tryouts for the 2015/16 season. Offer emails have gone out and players should have confirmed their offer by the end of play today (Friday 12th of June) Paperwork should be returned by Monday 15th June. On Tuesday 16th of June we will post our team lists on our website and we are working on the coaching assignments.

We are looking for team managers at the following age groups: u9, u12, u13, u15 and u16 boys and u11 and 14 girls. If you can help out please contact Derek or Naomi ASAP.

Uniforms can be ordered at soccer post and need to be in your possession by the end of July.

The fall schedules with be posted on our website during the first week of July and we will be offering some play days throughout the summer that will also be advertised in July.

If there are any questions please contact Derek directly.

Thank You!

To all KSA parents and players,

I want to personally thank you all for your participation this weekend!!!!!

This was the first time any club has hosted such an event and to add it onto our Rangers camp was special. For those players who participated in both the exhibition sessions and games: well done! You were a credit to KSA and represented us well. To all of the parents who attended the event: you were fantastic hosts and supported our players brilliantly!

To everyone who brought a dish for the picnic a big “thank you” and to Robin Bingham and Naomi Wallace, who coordinated the picnic, a special thank you to you both!!!!

Over the past week a lot of KSA families have supported our program in a variety of ways:

First, the Whitley’s and the Seaman’s have hosted the two Rangers coaches all week; I really want to thank both families for opening up your homes to my 2 fellow countrymen!

To Shawna Parisi, who hosted an excellent meal for the Rangers coaches and their host families along with providing us with some gift certificates for lunches, a big thank you too!
To Robin Bingham again, for providing the entire coaching staff (along with many campers) with a great lunch during camp, thanks, it was delicious!!

At the picnic, Chris Griffith and Phillip Bingham; thanks for your culinary skills, the food was cooked to perfection!
To Chris Stafford, Grady Williams, Tate Foster, Sam Patterson and Noah Carney, thanks for officiating in our exhibition games!

To Scott, Rex and Dave, the KSA staff, a big thanks for making yourselves available all week and for helping to set up fields, cleaning up etc….. hopefully you got to learn some new things by watching the Rangers coaches on the field all week too!

Last but not least, to Michael Parisi, who provided his hotel to the Rangers staff and to the visiting teams and coaches Friday thru Sunday! The hotel staff could not have been more helpful and to be able to host our presentations in such a professional environment, is invaluable! So Michael, thank you!

Finally, the past week has shown me that KSA is moving in the right direction! We have families who are prepared to open up their minds and who want to see their children exposed to fresh challenges in the soccer arena. That is very refreshing to see and stands KSA in very good stead going forward. So thanks again it could not have been achieved without all of the support listed above.

Derek Broadley
KSA Academy Director

Weekend Details

Knoxville Soccer Academy is very pleased to be hosting Glasgow Rangers USA Academy staff this weekend for a very informative and educational visit!

After a very rewarding camp we saw Paul Nash and Earld Krasniqi (Rangers coaches) demonstrate sessions performed by the Rangers Academy in Scotland, to KSA players and a few other local soccer kids, we now have an opportunity for parents, coaches and players to view in more detail what goes on in a top European Football(soccer) Academy.

Starting on Friday night at the Holiday Inn, Cedar Bluff Kick Off at 6pm, all KSA parents are invited to listen to Greg Statt Rangers Overseas Development Officer present the overall structure and philosophy of one of Europe’s top youth development systems. While the parents are attending Greg’s presentation, players are welcome to play “dog and duck” and battle box at JLTA from 5:30pm-8:30pm.

Saturday and Sunday will see practical and theoretical sessions performed at the Johnny Long Training Academy in Hardin Valley, by Greg and his staff whereby, KSA players and coaches will be joined by some of the other Rangers partner clubs from other states including Rockford Raptors who will bring 2 teams to play some exhibition games.

KSA players and parents are encouraged to attend all of the sessions being presented this weekend by the Rangers staff targeting: KSA and other visiting coaches (not just the sessions that their children will be participating in). Below is a list of players needed for each session and players should arrive 15 minutes before their session starts and should be in their appropriate KSA kit.

Finally, KSA will be hosting a picnic for the visiting coaches and players at 4.30 pm on Saturday. This will be a good opportunity for players, parents and coaches to mingle and to discuss the soccer landscape both sides of the Atlantic.

If there are any questions pertaining to the weekend, contact Derek Broadley the KSA Academy Director.

Rangers development weekend commitments for KSA players:
KSA U13-14s boys at JLTA at 9:15 ready to go, KSA black uniforms

Saturday 11 am game
Matt Meschendorf
Arron Stafford
Noah Carney
Zak Lowe
Paul Calkins
Seth Maxwell
Daniel Guthrie
Parker Owen
Parrin Bhuduri
Keith Williams
Adam Grigby
Jordan Brown
Heath Martin
Latham Roberts
Sam Patterson
Julian Schlicher

Referees Chris Stafford, Grady Williams Blake Davenport

12:45 pm session all u9 and u10 boys in black KSA uniforms

2:45 u14 girls team in Black Uniforms

3:30 session (all players from morning Game)

Sunday 10am all KSA u11-12 boys players in black uniform

Sunday 11am game u16 boys

Arron Stafford
Noah Carney
Peyton Gallagher
Zak Lowe
Paul Calkins
Seth Maxwell
Daniel Guthrie
Parker Owen
Parrin Bhuduri
Keith Williams
Adam Grigby
Jordan Brown
Heath Martin
Latham Roberts
Sam Patterson
Julian Schlicher

Referees Chris Stafford Blake Davenport, Grady Williams

11am u14 girls, in white uniforms

Rangers Development Weekend

Parents of KSA,

Friday the 29th of May sees the start of the Rangers Development Weekend here in Knoxville TN. Greg Statt the Rangers International Academy Director will travel to Knoxville, to present both practical and theory sessions to visiting coaches, players and parents from other Rangers partner clubs who are traveling to Knoxville.

This event is gives Rangers an opportunity to present to coaches and parents and players, its philosophy on how to develop young players in the “Rangers Way”. KSA is very pleased to be hosting this event and the complete schedule in attached to this email and will be posted on the KSA website. One advantage to hosting this event is that KSA players will be the student players in the sessions that Greg and his staff will present. We also have a visiting club called Rockford Raptors from Illinois, who are bringing their U16 boys team and a handful of U14 girls. Therefore, we will play two matches against these teams over the weekend. (See schedule).

We will need KSA players available to be trained by Rangers staff over the course of the weekend and the schedule highlights the times we need each specific age group to be available. We hope as many current players will be available and we ask that they confirm with their team manager regarding their attendance for next weekend. Players will be used as they need to be by the Rangers staff during the coaching sessions and it’s important that all players focus on what is being asked.

We want to encourage all current KSA players and parents to attend as many sessions as possible during this event. In particular I want to bring to your attention the events for Friday 29th May.

At 5:30pm to 8:30pm, parents can drop off their kids at JLTA for them to interact with some visiting players, where we will do a “dog and duck” event and a “battle box” event for all who turn up.

Once parents drop off their kids at JLTA, we want them to head over to the Holiday Inn Hotel at Cedar Bluff, where Greg will present to all parents and coaches the Rangers Philosophy and why they are embarking on their club partnership program. Greg will finish around 8pm when parents can then return to pick up their kids at JLTA. The Friday night presentation will give parents a great insight into how clubs operate in Europe and this will support the work KSA is doing here in Knoxville.

KSA has invited other local coaches from other local clubs to attend the Development Weekend and we would encourage all KSA parents to invite other interested parents to this event.

On Saturday at 4:30pm we would like to finish the day off by providing our Rangers partner club visitors with a picnic at JLTA. We are going to ask any KSA parents who will be in attendance, to bring a dish to share with our visitors. KSA will provide some hot dogs and hamburgers and we are looking for some volunteers to help manage this aspect of the weekend. ( if you can help out by bringing a dish or helping to cook please contact Derek directly). If you cannot stay for the picnic, you can still donate a dish for our guests. (We have about 35 confirmed visitors from Rangers partner clubs plus 4 Rangers and GIS staff)

Finally, we want to publicly thank the Whitley family and the Seaman’s for hosting the visiting Rangers coaches next week during the camp. This is very nice of them to open up their homes for our guests coaches. We have been approached by some other parents who would like to entertain the coaches for a meal or just a visit during the week. If that is something parents are keen to do, contact Derek directly to organize.

This is the first time an event like this has been introduced here in the USA and KSA is very proud to be the hosting club. Let’s make sure that the event is well attended and that we take this opportunity to open our minds to this great game!

Thanks, KSA!

Camp Groups for Rangers ID Camp

To all Rangers ID campers,

Please see CAMP GROUPS and times for next weeks Rangers ID camp at the JLTA facility here in Knoxville Tennessee. The camp starts on Tuesday 26th of May and ends on Friday 29th of May.

It is important to understand from the outset: that this is NOT just a recreational camp designed for kids to have fun. It is an Identification camp put on by coaches who work for a Top Professional Club from Scotland. They will put players through sessions that they produce for players back home in their Academies and will expect the same desire and determination to improve as they would with players back in the UK. Local Knoxville players, will have the opportunity to be taught as if they were in an academy system in Scotland and the structure and times allocated to each session will reflect the structure from the UK.

Each day, the players will be put through a 2 hour session that will be adapted to the level of the players. Ultimately, the coaches are looking for players who show good technique, attitude and motivation that could take them onto a National ID camp here in the U.S. And who knows, a dream chance to train in Scotland at the Murray Park Training Center in Glasgow.

At KSA we appreciate that some parents will be working during the camp session time slots and we want you to know that we will have KSA staff on site to supervise children prior to and after their sessions with the Rangers coaches. It is important for those children who are waiting to be picked up; that they NOT interfere with the groups who are working.

The times for each group will be the same each day and parents can talk with KSA staff about pick ups and drop offs at anytime between now and the camp.

When you look at the groups, we have tried to keep age groups and genders together in similar time slots, however, Rangers staff are free to move players across the groups within their time slots. For KSA staff, this camps offers us a chance for independent coaches to cast an eye over our players! This is a Rangers Camp NOT a KSA camp and we are keen to see what feedback we get from the coaches from Scotland!

Finally, if you have registered for the camp and your name is not listed on this sheet, contact Derek directly on 865-309-6676 to discuss.

We will take registrations until Friday but NO walk on’s unless we have space.


Derek Broadley