S20 Notes From Nationals – Day 3

July 20
Hank Elliott

Day three of our trip to the USL National Finals began with a late breakfast at the hotel.  We then headed out for the IMG campus to begin our second day of group play.

We were scheduled to play VSI Tampa at noon. It would prove to be a long and tough day on the team as the temperature was already into the 90s when we took the field. We knew today was a big test for the team as we would most likely need a win to remain competitive in the group.

Early on in the game we took control and really pushed our opponent around. Jeremy Saad netted our first goal of the tournament with a great shot; we took the lead to halftime 1-0.

Shortly after the second half began VSI Tampa managed a good run and scored to level the score 1-1. Only two minutes later Emmanuel Wilson would counter with a goal of his own to retake the lead for KSA. As time was winding down Tampa managed to find another goal and tie the game at 2-2. This would be the final result, as KSA couldn’t convert several good chances at the end of the match.

The result sealed our fate as Chicago took their second win of the tournament over Ottawa, this would leave only Tampa and Chicago in contention to win the group. The boys were frustrated with the result, as they had put a good effort out on the field.

We took the boys back to the beach after the match for a little relaxation, knowing the pressure of winning the group was off. Unfortunately just as the team was running for the ocean they were stopped by the lifeguards who told us the beach was closed due to bacteria. This was a bummer for the guys, but the coaches decided to make it up by going to see the new Batman movie after dinner.

Overall the third day of our trip went well, as we opened up our play against a very tough opponent. Though the game should have gone our way the boys and coaches were happy with our team play. Saturday would be our last game for the tournament against the Ottawa Fury, and would the team’s final match for the season.

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Once again we would like to thank all our sponsors for making the trip to Nationals possible.