KSA Players Make West Ham United National Camp

photoKSA players Daniel Guthrie, Cooper Brewer, and Randall Bishop (pictured) made the West Ham United National Camp. Below are some comments on the honor first from Cooper’s Father, Scott Brewer then Randall’s parents, Tammy and Joe Davenport and Daniel Gutherie parent’s father, Todd.

Scott Brewer: Cooper Brewer has been invited to attend the West Ham United national Soccer Camp in Rome, Georgia this summer. After several seasons with other clubs in the Knoxville area, Cooper made the change from these competitive clubs to the Knoxville Soccer Academy in November of 2011. He attended a 10 week trial training session and decided the academy was the correct fit for him to grow in his soccer career. The training Cooper receives from Coach Derek Broadley and Coach Josh Scott, has helped reignite the passion Cooper has for the game of soccer. Last spring, Cooper earned the a starting position at right back on the Farragut High School JV team and gives some of the credit for this accomplishment to Coach Derek and Coach Josh. The coaches have a vast knowledge of the game and have made the Academy the best training facility available, for Cooper to reach his potential and desire to play soccer on the collegiate level. Cooper is the youngest player on the Group 3 team, and has worked very hard to receive much more playing time against the college teams, Group 3 played this fall. Cooper believes his hard work and the knowledge the coaches give him, is only a couple of the reasons he was invited to the West Ham united National Camp. Cooper is very proud of the invitation and will represent the Knoxville Soccer Academy with the utmost pride and respect they deserve.

Tammy and Joe Davenport: We are so glad that we made the decision to join Knoxville Soccer Academy. We have seen a big improvement in Randall’s soccer ability over the last year. He says that he is a better player/goalie because they have taught him how to play/see the field better and the importance of team play. He has improved his foot skills and his reaction time. He has told us many times that he is happier at KSA and has learned more from Derek and Josh than any other club he has played for in the past. He has told us that their combined coaching skills and personalities make learning the game of soccer more enjoyable.  We are excited that we are a part of KSA and appreciative of the opportunities that are ahead for him. Because of these opportunities that KSA offers its players, Randall has been invited to attend the West Ham United Camp in Rome, Georgia this summer.

Todd Guthrie: Daniel Guthrie has been invited to attend the West Ham United National Camp this August after attending the West Ham ID camp at KSA last December.  It’s an honor for him to be attending the camp and representing his family and KSA alongside Cooper and Randall this year.  Daniel began playing soccer at AYSO at age four and by the time he reached U9 had already learned all that his father had the capability to teach him at the recreational level.  He then began playing in the clubs around Knoxville until the opportunity for a move to KSA in the Fall of 2012.

We definitely made the correct decision to join the Knoxville Soccer Academy.  It brings us great pleasure to see Daniel enjoying soccer again.  He is progressing in skill and ability that can only be attributed to Derek and Josh’s coaching.  His old passion for the sport has been re-awakened and we hope we will at least go on to playing for his high school over the next few years.  KSA will prepare him to be able to play at a much higher level when it is his time.  I never thought I would see him disappointed when he has to miss a soccer practice,  he actually enjoys participating because it’s not the same repeated practice every time.

As a parent, I appreciate the time and effort given by Derek and Josh to all of the players.  They also communicate with all of the parents very well, both verbally and by email.  The coaches have been very accessible to the parents and will take the time to listen and respond as needed.  We are looking forward to the expanding KSA and what this will mean for all of the soccer players in Knoxville looking for an alternative to the traditional soccer clubs in the area.  I don’t think Daniel would have been invited to the West Ham National Camp had he been training anywhere else but KSA.