KSA U10/11 Boys Win East Tennessee Spring Classic


The KSA Boys U10/11 team recently played in the East Tennessee Spring Classic. Playing in the top division, the Under 11 Gold Division, the squad fought through a tough group stage to advance to the final. In the final, KSA was matched up with FC Alliance 04 Black. The teams were level in the group stage which caused great anticipation with the title in the balance. Scoring four goals in the final proved to be plenty as KSA defeated FCA 04 Black in a well played match. Congratulations boys and thank you for your support parents!

KSA U11B                 3
FC Alliance 04 Black 3

Chattanooga CFCA 03 Blue   0
KSA U11B                               1

KSA U11B                              2
Blount United 03 Hammers    3

FC Alliance 04 Black   2
KSA U11B                   4