This past week saw KSA embark on its curriculum sessions with a big focus for the players to “stay with the ball”. All players were asked to perform “quickly” with the ball and at a high tempo. These sessions are designed to get players back into the swing of playing soccer at what will be; game speed! We also introduced the “new” physical fitness tests with the JLTA staff. These tests will give us a benchmark score for each player across all of the fitness areas and will be the starting point for the fitness program for the season.

Saturday, August 8th KSA hosted a club induction day consisting of internal games for all of our teams. These games gave the staff a chance to get familiar with the “KSA game style” while refreshing the players of how KSA wants to play at each stage of the develop process. KSA is the only club in East Tennessee that truly promotes a club game style throughout the club, that is seamless for players who play up and down in different age groups!

KSA is also pleased to announce that on Tuesday 11th August starting at 7pm at the Holiday Inn at Cedar Bluff, we will be hosting a “Pathway to College” night presented by “Recruit Status” a Knoxville based college recruiting company. This is a must for all Parents of players 14 years and older who are looking to play soccer at college. The presentation will walk parents through the recruitment process, from their child’s freshman year and offer support and guidance to signing day and beyond. KSA will NOT hold sessions for players 15 and older on Tuesday as we feel that this presentation is a mandatory session that both players and parents must attend! U14 parents are encouraged to attend but players need not attend. Thanks go out to Michael Parisi for letting us use his hotel to hold this event!

Kit update: it looks like their has been a couple of hiccups with our transition over to Puma. We have been in constant contact with soccer post and it seems we will have our training kit by the end of next week and our match uniforms a week later. Although frustrating, it’s something that we will manage. We still have Adidas match uniforms and if needed, we can use those for any games against other clubs until we get our match day kits. Soccer post has communicated directly to parents and have confirmed to us that they will turn uniforms around ASAP once they enter the store. As a gesture of good will, Soccer post is offering a 20% discount in the store for the up and coming season to all KSA players!

Finally, I want to remind everyone about the Golf tournament fundraising event coming up in October. Specific information will be distributed over the coming days and weeks and all monies raised will strengthen our partnership with Glasgow Rangers. Next week, our Golf Tournament committee members will be reaching out to everyone to help is various ways so please give them your full attention!