What You Need to Know

It is important for Knoxville Soccer Academy to fully explain how their program compares to other local soccer organizations when it comes to pricing because there are some misconceptions out there. Below are some frequently asked questions and our answers:
Is KSA the most expensive club in Knoxville?
NO! We just operate differently! KSA is the first club to include ALL fees into one total and then they allow parents to spread the cost of soccer equally over the season!
So what do the fees cover?
KSA fees covers: all league and registration costs, tournament fees, referees fees coaching fees and even the fitness coaching is covered. We even provide the balls for practice too!
So what is NOT covered?
The uniform costs, the cost of traveling to games and tournaments. The one or two overnight stays for the 2 out of town tournaments a year.
What about additional camps and clinics?
KSA is operated under H3 Sports, which operates camps and clinics. KSA has an agreement with Glasgow Rangers USA Academy, who run a camp at the H3 Sportsplex (JLTA) in the summer. All other camps and clinics operate outside of the Knoxville Soccer Academy program and are run and managed by H3 Sports.
Do KSA players get to use these camps as part of their fees?
They did, but going forward these camps will be operated separately from KSA programs. Many other club players use these camps to develop, too. KSA players may be offered a discount on the camps as part of their membership to H3.
How many times do you practice?
KSA is operated by H3, who owns the facility in Hardin Valley. We have access to both indoor and outdoor field turf fields. We have only cancelled practice when the snow arrived and that has only been a handful of times in 3 years. Each team gets a minimum of a 3rd of the field, unlike many clubs in Knoxville where 5-6 teams share a field and who cancelled frequently due to weather. Our teams practice twice a week (young teams) and 3 times a week once they are 12 years. We also do play days on weekends where our teams don’t have matches that are also covered by your KSA fees.
What is the KSA curriculum?
KSA prides itself on our long-term development model of coaching young players. There is a common philosophy that runs throughout all of our teams. KSA provides player profiles that support each player to perform in their specific position within a collective game-style. Coaches are given sessions that support this game style and have the flexibility to develop their own sessions to further support the team needs. Our DOC monitors the coaching sessions regularly and “best practices” are shared across the coaching staff. The theme of “staying with the ball” is encouraged from the point a player joins our club along with setting out practice sessions that are open ended so that players have the freedom to experiment.
Who will be my coach?
Due to the nature of tryouts it’s hard to predict how many coaches we will need. We have grown 30% each year since we started in 2013 however, each coach has to be licensed in accordance with the TSSA. We currently have 2 full time staff and we hope to bring in a 3rd soon. We utilize part time staff and their bios are available on our website. We would like to think that players don’t just join us because of one staff member. Would you choose a school because you might get one specific teacher? That is why our curriculum is so important and the monitoring of it!
Are you adopting the new age changes?
Yes, 100% but as with all changes and to fit in with our beliefs: we want players to always play at their appropriate level!

• Above fees include: tournament fees, ref fees, coaching fees, there are NO additional fees!
• All players will be charged for all seasons (except if discussed with Academy Director prior to signing agreement). We are committed to long-term development!!!
• Payment plans available to spread the cost over the full year. Plans must be put in place at signing!
• All players will pay a $400 deposit to secure their place on the team.
• Tryouts are totally free!
• All Rangers Technical Camps, GK camps and summer programs are run independently from KSA therefore NOT included in above pricing.
• Uniforms are NOT included in above pricing
• All players NEED to purchase: Home and Away match uniforms and 2 x practice uniforms blue and black from Soccerpost.

Any questions contact, Academy Director, Derek Broadley at 865-309-6676