Consider This …

This year, with the birth year changes, it is fair to say that every team in Knoxville will change personnel and with that happening, for the first time in a long while, players will really have to approach this tryout season with an open mind! There is plenty of politics and local club promotions out there but ultimately the questions and statements below should remain clearly at the forefront of your decision;

Paying to tryout?

There should not be a charge to tryout for youth soccer especially if you have been with the club the previous year! Your current club should know exactly what you can do! If you are a new player to a club, you should not be charged as you are a potentially a new customer for that club! Would you pay to test drive a car? Non refundable fees are a scare tactic and if you do pay to tryout for a club, ask before you attend exactly what your paying for!

Thoughts to consider before actually trying out?

How much does the program cost for the entire year? What is included? What happens when the weather is bad? How many training sessions are there each week? How many tournaments? How much space does each team get allocated regularly and when it rains. What coaching support is there in the club? What is the line of management structure in the club? How many teams in each age group? If more than one team per age group, how does my child move up or move down the teams? Who is assessing the tryouts? When do I get notified and when will I have to commit?

The tryout itself?

What does the tryout look for? Is it position specific? What are they expecting my child to do? Is every age group doing the same tryout? What happens if there are 4/5 players in my child’s position how will they handle that? Will I get feedback if not successful? How quickly will I know after the tryout if I made it?

Post tryout suggestions.

Contact clubs offering you a spot if it’s a new club and ask them what they saw in your child? What position will they want you to play? How many players are on the roster? When does practice start and when must I confirm my spot. Contact your current club and ask what’s changing?

Parents, KSA has very old fashion views when it comes to player development! Basically;

“we fix things when they are broken and don’t just throw things away and get a new one”

In soccer terms, we understand players have areas to improve on and our curriculum is designed to help players find a position that they can play and excel at. This tryout season, we anticipate players from other clubs taking a look at what we do. We are now part of the Knoxville soccer fabric and people know we exist, our goal is to run a team at every age level for both boys and girls. We intend to select players who can play in specific positions and who’s parents support our goals o f participating for the entire 10 month program. Current players have an advantage in that; we have worked with them for a while, we have history of past performances and have an insight into such things as; attendance, time keeping and playing performances, attitude in training sessions, levels of fitness etc. These areas will be clearly referenced when it comes to our decisions for building our teams for next year.

We will be handing out play evaluations by the 13th of this month and if you would like, you can schedule a time to meet with our staff to discuss this years work with your child. The reports are merely an outline on what has gone on this year, but if you want further information, you can request a 10-15 minute slot with our staff. Many of you get regular feedback from us and may decide that the report is enough evidence and therefore, do not require an meeting but the offer is there.

Finally, we truly understand that there are other socce r choices out there, some parents follow coaches, some players follow their friends and some families just want to have all their children in one place however, the questions above should encourage you all to find the best fit for your children. Everyone receiving this email has had an experience of what KSA has to offer, you are aware of where we are trying to go and in many cases, know how we compare to other clubs your kids have been involved in. You the parents really are the best promotional asset we have and we hope you will encourage other soccer families you know to give us a try!