KSA would like to welcome all players, parents and supporters to the New Knoxville Soccer Academy based at the Johnny Long Training Academy in Knoxville. The introduction of this “European Style” Academy will give players in Knoxville and surrounding areas an opportunity to be developed in a “holistic” environment. The Academy will focus totally on individual player development and prepare players to grow the skills needed to play the modern game of soccer. Players will be “profiled” by and guided towards a position that they have the appropriate, consistent skills for. All sessions will support each individual player to build his/her profile, effectively leading toward a games program that will showcase the syllabus being taught.


Players are helped using the “four cornerstones of development” for each individual player: technical/tactical development, physical development, social development and psychological development. In Johnny Long we have a trainer who has been at the top of his field in developing athletes physically across a variety of sports, but particularly in football over the past 20 years. Derek Broadley has also worked at the highest level of soccer in three countries over a 23 year coaching career. Both of these coaches have discussed how to approach all four areas of development, with regard to soccer, and a full set of physical tests and lifestyle support will accompany the soccer technical and tactical curriculum.


All home games and coaching sessions will take place at the JLTA center on the third generation turf fields, with all physical sessions happening in Johnny’s purpose built gymnasium. Classroom support will also take place on site with both audial and visual sessions held inside the JTLA facility.


Each player can expect a first class personal training environment that will enable him/her to reach his/her potential during the path towards adulthood. Support will be given to players looking to play at the college level with further support afforded to those players looking to extend his/her careers beyond college.


We are excited to get started in August 2012 and the staff is committed to working with the limited amount of players that are accepted into our care.