JLKSA is headquartered at H3 Sportsplex, an athletic performance, strength and fitness facility off Hardin Valley Road. The facility is one of the finest of its kind in the area and provides soccer families with a single, reliable, and convenient location for all soccer practices and home games.The facility includes three main components:

OUTDOOR FIELD: The 100 x 70 – yard artificial turf field provides year-round play for KSA players and keeps the number of missed practices due to inclement weather to a minimum. High nets encompass the field to reduce time spent chasing balls.

FIELD HOUSE: The 60 x 30 – yard artificial turf field is protected from the elements by a sturdy metal structure with netting on the sides. The dimensions under the roof are perfect for 7v7  games and provides KSA with another excellent training space along with the outdoor field.

TRAINING CENTER: The 12,000 square-foot facility includes weight and strength-training equipment plus bathrooms and a front-desk area. There is meeting space upstairs for KSA coaches and families plus a storage and changing area for soccer players in the basement.