H3 Sports

H3 LOGOnewChances are you’ve been to, played at, or heard of one of H3 Sports’ properties or organizations. You and your family are already part of the H3 family.

H3 Sports is revolutionary sports and athletic training – innovative and unmatched support behind the scenes. Through H3 Sports, athletes and their families are equipped with all the resources needed to TRAIN, COMPETE and ACHIEVE.

H3 Sports empowers athletic training and sport-specific academies. Teams, leagues (including soccer, baseball, flag-football and basketball) as well as personal and team training and conditioning are available through H3 Sports’ subsidiaries. Additionally, H3 Sports sponsors tournaments and special events.

H3 Sports Facilities:
Avalon Golf & Country Club
Diamond Baseball-Simcox Academy
H3 Sportsplex
H3 Next Level Training

Sport-Specific Academies & Leagues:

Connect with H3 Sports:

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