Main Academy

The main academy is comprised of boys and girls teams ages U9 through U18 and offers a comprehensive 10-month curriculum of soccer training. It features three distinct seasons: Fall Season (July through November); Winter Season (December through January); and Spring Season (February through May). The Academy is for the ambitious soccer player willing to commit substantial time and energy to improving skills and performance.

The curriculum and training schedule for each season is designed to address the specific needs of each age group. U9 through U11 teams practice twice week while U12 through U18 teams practice three times a week. Fitness and conditioning, led by a member of the JLTA training staff, are included within the weekly soccer training. Goalkeeper training is offered once a week.

The Academy curriculum takes into consideration the schedules of middle school and high school age athletes who play for their school team. During the spring season, middle school boys (U12 through U14) have KSA practice only twice a week. Likewise, middle school girls have KSA practice only twice a week during the fall season. High school age KSA players (U15 through U18 boys and girls) do not attend regular Academy training during their respective high school soccer seasons (girls in the fall and boys in the spring).

In addition to weekly training at an all-weather facility that negates rain-outs and cancellations, KSA players benefit from a games program that may include matches against other local clubs, State League matches, intra-squad matches, plus local and area tournaments.

Details of the Academy Program (U9 though U18) including fees for 2017-18 are available for download. Keep in mind KSA prices are all-inclusive. Many clubs have standard Club Fees for different age groups as well as Team Fees that vary by team. KSA’s pricing covers everything for the soccer season including all costs associated with tournament and league registrations, referee fees, field rental, equipment, player registration fees, etc.